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Summer rolls with a spicy peanut dressing
One of my absolute favourite dishes is making summer rolls and eating them with a spicy peanut dressing. It's a great dish, because you can put different filling in the summer rolls depending on what you are craving that day. Today, I decided to have baby spinach, beet sprouts, avocado, cucumber, bell peppers, pickled red onion and chili and my homemade sunflower seed balls. I usually serve this with some kind of spicy peanut dressing, the recipe differs from time to time. Today I had peanut butter, agave, chili, ginger, lime, dates and tamari.
It's a perfect dish to bring to a picnic now when summer is on its way!
Tilde A

Men gud så gott det ser ut! Måste göra.. Kram

Svar: Tack! Ja, du får verkligen testa :)
Fröken Minimalist

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