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Yesterday was filled with new people and new experiences
Yesterday I went to a workshop at Malmö University, held by the wonderful Kim Gerlach. The subject of the day was engagement through social media. Kim guided us though discussions regarding social media, tips and tricks, engagement statistics and how to develop one's social media channels.
I met some wonderful people and human rights organisations, with which I spoke about engagement through social media. Since the subject has been discussed both during my internship at  the international department of IOGT-NTO and during the human rights bachelor program, it's a very interesting subject for me. It can be a difficult thing, knowing how to write about an organisations work without exploiting the situation of the people in need of help. Often, you can see ads for human rights organisations with pictures of starving children. There is a fine balance between showing an organisation's work and exploiting the people they help. As you can imagine, there is a lot to be said about how to work with social media. 
I really enjoyed the workshop and had a wonderful time listening to Kim and other people who attended the event. This was such a pleasant experience and I hope to attend something similar again!
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