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When people comment your looks to make you buy their products
About two months ago, I went to get a massage. I never go for 'beauty treatments', like facials, because I feel as if there is a non stop talking about what is wrong with my skin/skincare routine/approach to my appearance. They always tell me what I'm doing wrong and what they can offer which will 'solve my problem'. When there isn't really a problem. 
I had acne for approximately 10 years. Not severe acne, but enough to make me feel bad. I tried every cream, face mask, spot treatment there is. And the people in the stores just wanted to make me buy even more, even though I was just a child who obviously felt bad about a skin condition. No one ever told me too go to a dermatologist instead of buying useless products. Instead, they just wanted me to buy more and more and more products.
When I was around 20 years old, and had given up about my acne ever going away, I went to my dermatologist for another reason than my acne (I sometimes get keloid scars and get cortisone injections). I had already been prescribed antibiotics, which didn't work. My dermatologist looked at me and asked "how does you acne make you feel?" and I started crying. I didn't cry because of the pimples really, I cried because of the way they made me feel and the way that others treated me. I could get 'tips' like a should wash my face more. Like I wasn't clean enough. That really bothered me. My dermatologist, who is such a wonderful person, said that she would fix it and make my acne go away and prescribed me another medication called Isotretinoin/Accutane. This time, my acne went away - hopefully for good. 
Today I have a newfound confidence that I'm good enough. I don't need creams and makeup to be good enough. So when I went for a massage a couple of months ago, and the skin therapist said that she had the perfect skin and makeup products for me, I said that I didn't needed them. Instead of listening to me, she started to point out my flaws to motivate me to buy her products. I had scars from acne, I apparently needed a special kind of serum for my face, a balm for the skin around my eyes, maybe some foundation to cover up my flaws and a lot of other products for everything she said was 'wrong' with my appearance. So I told her that I feel that I'm good enough the way I am and that I don't need any products to fix the problems she said I had. She then looked at me, and probably realized what she just had said. That when she tries to make her clients buy products, she starts by pointing out their flaws.
I don't mean that I never buy skincare products and such. I buy what I need, when I need it. But telling people that they need things, because they aren't perfect, doesn't make anyone feel good. I don't care about my scars or the redness in my face that I sometimes get, because I'm good enough. However, it might feel a lot different when you have a skin disease like acne. So my tips to people who suffer from acne and are tired of buying every product there is; go to see a dermatologist. They will probably help you in a way that store personnel can't.
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