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Vegan potato salad with radishes
250 g potatoes
100 g sugar peas
1 radish bundle
0,5 fresh red onions
0,5 dl olive oil
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp caprice
2 tbsp parsley
Salt and pepper
I found this fantastic vegan potato salad recipe on the Food Pharmacy blog, and wanted to try it right away. I changed some ingredients, because I didn't have the regular ones at home. Even though I changed a few things, it tasted delicious.
Yesterday was Midsummer here in Sweden, which usually is celebrated by eating lunch/dinner with family or friends. Eating potatoes is a part of Swedish food traditions, and is eaten at every holiday. As I'm trying to eat anti-inflammatory, I chose to make this vegan potato salad instead of a potato salad with dairy. The green things you can see in the picture are my balls made out of green peas. I will share the recipe with you another day.
Back to the potato salad! Start by boiling the potatoes. When the potatoes have finished cooking, let them cool while you cut all of the other vegetables. Put the potatoes and vegetables in a bowl, and make the dressing. Mix it all together until the drssing is covering the salad.
Bon appétit!
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