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Social media and consumerism
Something that bothers me is social media, influencers and consumption. I love social media. I love influencers. However, I’m not a huge fan of over consumerism. Social media, and the way that influencers act as marketing agents, can be used as something great. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case. Instead, influencers make people buy more things. Things which are made in a way that is bad for both the environment and the people who work where the products are made. I believe that we don’t talk about this enough.
I get that people have to, and want to, make money. Being an influencer, you get a lot of offers. Different organisations offers you money or things in exchange for marketing. I know that it can be difficult to say no. Sometimes, you can’t say no even if you wanted to. It’s ok to not be perfect, I know that I’m not. But I really try not to influence people to make bad decisions.
I want to thank Jennie and Tess for starting the network Sustainable Influencers. It’s such a great initiative, to gather influencers who try to do good rather, than bad. The members of this network do a great job at influencing people to live a more sustainable live. If you’re looking for accounts to follow I can highly recommend that you visit and/or follow their Instagram for tips and inspiration.
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