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Graduation gift from my mother in law
As you might know, I recently finished my bachelor's degree in human rights. Even though I don't like receiving gifts, this one from my mother in law was a great one. Since I became a vegetarian in 2016, I have a new found love for cooking. Especially colourful and healthy food is something I really appreciate. 
This book, called Food Pharmacy, present foods which are good for your gut. It contains anti-inflammatory recipes, mostly vegan. Honestly, it's a perfect book for me. The authors of this book also have a blog called Food Pharmacy, where they posts recipes and interesting information. The last couple of days, I have tried several of the recipes in this book. They are truly delicious and make you feel good. I can actually tell that the food I'm eating makes a difference and that my gut is feeling better.
Some of the recipes in the book made me a bit suspicious. Eating a stew containing mango? It sounded a bit weird to me. I have decided to try every recipe in this book though. The mango stew actually tasted a lot better than I expected, and my mother loved it. So you should always try something before you decide you don't like it. I will try to review the book after reading it and testing all the recipes, even it it might take some time.
I wish you all a wonderful day!
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