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3 reasons I don’t buy things on sale
Is the title provoking? Since I became a minimalist, I've stopped buying things on sale. I'm not talking about sales at the supermarket or actually buying things I need, which happens to be on sale. I mean the sales at shopping malls where people walk around like zombies buying everything in their way - as long as it's cheap. There is mainly three reasons for why I don't buy things on sale.
You waste time
You should've seen me the other day. I had to run an errand at a shopping mall in Malmö. I ran around for at least 30 minutes until I found the store I was looking for, even though I looked it up in the maps available two(!) times. One of the reasons that I don't shop at sales, is that there always is a lot of people in the stores and malls. Because of that, it takes a lot of time even finding stores and things to buy.  Shopping during sales is rarely time efficient.
You waste money
Oh, the irony. While you might think that buying things on sale saves you money, it usually doesn't. You rather spend money you wouldn't spend otherwise. It's better to save your money by not spending it on meaningless things you don't even need. Before becoming a minimalist, I could buy things on sale that I didn't really need. It could be a piece of clothing that wasn't really my style, which ended up not being used more than a couple of times. That's not a good way to spend your money.
You might buy things you don't need
As I mentioned above, you might buy things you don't need when shopping on sale. Being a minimalist, you don't really need useless things. I know it's easy to say "just don't buy useless things", because it's rarely that easy. A lot of people buy things that they believe they need now, or believe that they will need eventually. My advise is: if you don't know when you will need it, don't buy it. 
Do you shop at sales? Or do you only look for things you actually need rather than spending money on things you don't need?
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