Fröken Minimalist

Wednesday July 11
This Wednesday I went to Malmö to run some errands and meet up with some people from the network Sustainable Influencers to have dinner. We were supposed to meet at six o'clock at Sájvva, a vegetarian/vegan restaurang near Värnhem. I came a bit early, so I decided to do some research to a coming post I will share with you.
We were six people in total; me, Tess, Jennie, Pia, Carys and Sara. It was such a pleasant evening and the talking never stopped. We have so much in common and it was nice to talk to people who share the same interest; sustainability. Hopefully there will be more meet ups and I'm sure that the network will be successful.
I ate the Korean street bowl, with rice, kimchi, asian slaw, salad, sprouts, lime cucumber grilled tofu, shiitake mushroom, lime, portabello and cilantro. It was wonderful and I highly recommend the restaurant, especially for vegans and vegetarians. 
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