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Thursday July 12
July 12 was an important day for me. You could say that I had waited for that day for over a year. During the spring of 2017, I decided that I wanted to study a master's degree programme in human rights. I knew that I could apply to Uppsala University, Göteburg University and Stockholm School of Theology, which meant that I had to leave Lund and Malmö. 
During my internship at IOGT-NTO's international department I lived in Stockholm, and tried to figure out what I wanted. The programme in Uppsala have the best reputation and I'm honestly curious about the city and the university. So without telling anyone, I decided that that would be my first choice. However, I was afraid that I wouldn't get in. 
After I finished my internship and returned to Malmö and Lund, I had but one goal; finish my last semester and my bachelor thesis and hopefully get in to a master's programme. So i finished my last semester and waited. I sold my apartment in Malmö and waited. And I can finally tell you that I got into my first choice; the master's programme at Uppsala University. So this autumn I will be moving to Uppsala!
After I got the news in the morning my mother and I went to Lund. During the four years I studied there, she has never visited the town (because I live in Malmö). So i showed her the university, and then we had an early dinner at Ihsiri. They offer several vegan dished and I really enjoyed them. If you want to have a nice dinner in Lund, I can really recommend Ihsiri.
My mother ordered the vegetarian pad thai and I ordered a vegan coleslaw with plum.
I ordered this vegan plate of beans, vegetables and rice. It was good, but a bit boring and dry.
Here you can see the vegan coleslaw with sesame and plum which was excellent and the wonderful vegan summer rolls.
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