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Sunday July 15
I had a wonderful weekend with my boyfriend last weekend. We spent the day at the beach in Trelleborg. Earlier that week, we had decided to have a picnic if the weather was nice - and it was. Having a picnic at the beach brought back some memories from my childhood. Me and my family used to bring food to this very beach and make a day out of it. It's a weird feeling doing the same thing again, as an adult. It's the same view, the same smell and the same feeling when the wind touches your skin. It's like being a child again in a way. 
So what did we bring? We made sandwishes and bought some berries for dessert. I also brought water in my water bottle I bought four years ago at Whole Foods. It has really come in handy, I think I've used it several times a week since then. Buying a water bottle like this, in stainless steel, is a really good investment.
As I've mentioned, I really try to take it easy this summer and trying to relax as much as possible. Days like this one is a perfect example of how to spend your summer days if you want to lower your stress levels. What are you doing this summer to relax?

Att vara vid havet är väldigt rogivande. Jag tror att det finns inbyggt i oss människor just det där att vara vid vatten.

Svar: Det är verkligen rogivande! :)
Fröken Minimalist

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