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My latest organic order from Jordklok
This post contains advertisement in the form of affiliate links for Jordklok. Even though I get paid if someone buys things from the website in the links, I never recommend products I don't like. Read more about it here.
I ordered some products from Jordklok yesterday (they have 10% off until July 31 I think) and am so excited to get the delivery. I ordered some products I've been meaning to try for quite some time and finally bought them. I try to never have more than one product of the same kind at a time. For example I finish the shampoo I already have before buying a new one. This way I won't have so many products at home at the same time and forget what I already have. My order from Jordklok consists of (there are links below if you want to read more about the products):
  • Lavender essential oil for my aroma lamp. It makes my home smell wonderful.
  • Eco-friendly and vegan dental floss from Dental Lace.
  • Organic and vegan lip balm from Hurraw.
  • Organic and handmade shampoo from Bruns frisörer.
  • Hand cream from Sante.
  • Vegan soybean snacks with dark chocolate (love these!).
I will review the products after I've tried them, as usual. I'm especially keen to try the shampoo and dental floss.
Have you tried any of these products?
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