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Minimalist wardrobe challenge 2018: July 14 to July 23
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July 14 to July 16
This is what I wore three days in a row. I change t-shirt everyday though, but I only took one photo since I own three identical black t-shirts. The t-shirts are from H&M and in cotton. I wouldn't buy them again, since they aren't made in a sustainable way. I only recommend that you buy clothes which are made in a sustainable way, and especially basic cotton t-shirt are easy to find organic ones. If you live in Sweden you can find organic t-shirts here (link) for example.
The shorts are made out of linen. They aren't organic unfortunately, but I had to buy a pair of short when I was in a hurry so this had to do. At least linen is made out of spun flax fibre and not plastic or something. 
July 17
July 17 I wore the same shorts in linen and a top I've crocheted. I don't quite know if I like the top yet (I'm not good at crocheting, so I accidentally made it to big in the back). I might turn it in to something else, I will see.
July 18 and July 20
This is my standard outfit, except the shoes which I no longer own, when I'm going somewhere were I want to look well dressed (the picture is from this spring though). The top is made out of silk and I bought it in 2012/2013. The trousers are also my one of my favourite pieces and I wear them all the time. Unfortunately they are getting a bit torn, so I don't know if they'll last the rest of the year. I've already repaired them in some places, so I've reallt done my best.
July 19
July 19 I wore the top I've crochet again and my long trousers I usually wear at home. They are just perfect now during the summer, because they are thin and not particularly warm. Since I try not to expose my skin to the sun too much, they work like a kind of sunscreen. The trousers were bought two years ago I think.
July 21
Same trousers as yesterday, but with a simple black t-shirt. 
July 22
As you've seen, I've used all three of my black t-shirts. They are probably my most worn pieces of clothing. July 22 I worn the t-shirt together with my running shorts made out of recycled textile.
July 23
July 23 was spent in a bikini and a long shirt. The bikini is at least three years old and the shirt was my mother's and was bought over 20 years ago. 

Trevligt att se att du använder dina kläder länge. Det gör jag också.

Svar: Det är verkligen ett bra sätt att ta till vara på det som en redan har köpt, att se till att det används ordentligt.
Fröken Minimalist

Finally Mallorca

Jag använder fortfarande kläder som jag köpte för 20 år sedan. Då gick det att köpa kläder av bra kvalitet. Om man vårdar dem på ett bra sätt och håller man sig i form :-) då går det att använda kläderna fortfarande efter 20 år!

Svar: Härligt att höra och visst är det så! Min mamma har massor av kläder som är köpte innan jag föddes (jag är 23 år) och de är fina än idag :)
Fröken Minimalist

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