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Living slow this summer
Isn't this the best breakfast? I sure think so! Or actually, some oatmeal might be my favourite, but this one looks a lot nicer.  A crisp made out of seeds with some sliced avocado and sesame seeds on top. 
I've really been practicing the whole "live slow" concept this summer. This time last year I was studying so much, trying to graduate one semester early. I had already studied extra during the spring semester and was quite tired. I decided there and then that I would take it easy this summer.
My days right now consists of sleeping in (or at least almost, I wake up around seven every morning), go running alone or with my mother, cook wonderful food, going out for dinner and lunch with friends sometimes and just taking it slow. I'm that kind of person who not always realise how stressed I've been until the stressful period is over. For example, I went to bed after my last day at the university. I get extremely tired when I've been stressed and often fall asleep during the day - something I never do otherwise. 
I don't regret studying extra one bit, because I had a clear goal. But I'm really really glad that it's over. Now I'm going for a run and then have breakfast, before having a slow day.
I hope you will have a nice day!

Kul att du hittade till min blogg för nu har jag hittat till din. Ska bli kul att kika på även om jag inte är vegan och minimalist. Men slow living är jag bra på. :-).

Svar: Jag är inte heller vegan, men älskar vegansk mat :) Kul att du hittade hit!
Fröken Minimalist

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