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Friday July 13
Friday July 13 I went to Skanör in the southwest part of Skåne, to enjoy some food with good company. As I told you earlier this week, I've started a challenge where I'm supposed to document all my outfits, to see if there are pieces of clothing that I don't use. I wore my favourite pair of pants, together with my sustainable shoes from Veja and a white blouse in cotton. These pieces are some of my favourites and I use them quite a lot. We will see how this challenge goes, hopefully I either use everything I own or can declutter some of the pieces that I might not use as much.
This is what I had for lunch; gnocchi with mushrooms, artichoke, arugula, pickled tomatoes and a sauce with cream and white wine. As you might know, I try to choose vegan food when I eat eventhough I'm vegetarian and not vegan. This restaurant, called Badhytten, didn't have a vegan option on their menu, so I chose this course instead. It was tasty, but a bit heavy because of the amount of cream.
Skanör is a wonderful place in Skåne, with nice restaurants and a beach. However, I'm rarely there because there's always too much people. If you want to visit Skåne, I wouldn't recommend Skanör. Instead I would visit Malmö, Ystad or Österlen instead. 
Even though there were a lot of people both on the buses, beach and restaurant, I had a wonderful time and will hopefully do more short trips like this during the summer. 
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