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Decluttering my family’s summer house
The last couple of weeks, me and my family have decluttered in our summer house. Since my mother sold my childhood home in Stockholm, most of the few things left from my childhood were transported here. Both me and my mother see ourselves as minimalists, but in this house there are still things to get rid of. 
Me and my brother are at the moment trying to sell our old toys. Even though it's hard to get them sold, we feel that it's important not to just throw them away. We try to set a low price, so that people feel that they have made a good deal. If we don't get the toys sold in the next couple of weeks, we will probably try to donate them.
Earlier today, me and my mother went to the recycling station here in town, to recycle a lot of things from the garage et cetera. I have made a promise to declutter at least ten items a day during this summer and thus far it's going great. Ten things may not sound a lot, but bear in mind that we've already decluttered a lot. 
Today has been such a busy day. First of all, we went for a run this morning even though it was quite hot outside. After running in the heat I always feel drained of energy and just want to sleep. Instead, we started to fix things in the garage and pack the things we wanted to recycle. After visiting the recycling station we did some errands and now we've just finished eating dinner. I'll watch an episode of a serie now and then go to bed early. I've been falling a sleep way to late the last couple of days and it's time to change that.
I hope you've had a wonderful day!
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