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5 things you can declutter right away
Getting started on your minimalist journey might feel overwhelming and difficult. I remember the moment when I wanted to start decluttering. I stood in the middle of my apartment and wondered where I should start. It seemed like a never ending project. Therefore, I want to share with you some things I found easy to declutter in the beginning of my minimalist journey.
Oh my God. They never stopped coming. My phone vibrated all of the time and when I checked it it was almost always a newsletter in my inbox. Telling me to buy this and buy that. That their products were on sale (for the hundredth time that month...) and so on. I know that is might seem time consuming, but it's really worth it to unsubscribe to every annoying e-mail that you receive from different organizations.
Your bathroom cabinets
A lot of people have products and things in their bathroom cabinets which they don't use, and probably never will. Getting rid of these items is such a relief and makes a huge difference regarding the appearance of your bathroom. You don't really need that many products. I've chosen to have only one of each; one schampo, one bodu lotion, one perfume et cetera. There isn't really a need to have more. A bathroom should feel clean and fresh, not like a messy storage place.
Your wardrobe
When I first started to declutter, I started with my wardrobe. The reason for this was that the difference became visible right away. There's more space, it's easier to choose what to wear and it's a lot less messy. 
I had a lot of books that I either never read or read once and then never again. These books are perfect to declutter. I sold some of them and donated the rest. Books take up a lot of space and if you want to start decluttering, your bookshelves are a great place to start.
Pens and pencils that don't work
I used to have a lot of pens and pencils and forgot to throw them away when they didn't work. One day I sat down and decided to test them all. The onse that didn't work were thrown out. It doesn't take much time, so it's done in just a few minutes.
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