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Recipe: Kale crisps/chips without oil
Recipe: Kale crisps/chips without oil
I love kale and especially kale crisps. I eat them both as they are, but also in salads or on top of other foods. It's a real superfood according to me. I sometimes find the regular kale crisps with oil to be a bit too oily, so I tried to do them without oil and it worked perfectly. You will only need kale, salt and baking paper - that's it! I start by rinsing and massaging the kale. Then I put them on a baking paper while they are still a bit wet/damp and sprinkle salt over the kale. I usually have the oven on 100-150 degrees Celsius and check the crisps often. A few minutes in the oven is enough, so be careful so they don't get burned.
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