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The one bag project: Packing some more clothes
In a previous post, I told you that I packed some of my winter clothes in the bag since I don't use them during the summer. This summer is extremely warm in Sweden, so there are a lot of non-winter clothes that I don't wear, just because it's too warm outside. I decided to pack them in my bag, since I know that I wear them but not right now due to the weather. It's one pair of trousers and one half-turtleneck sweater in black and white. These are not partucularly warm clothes, but they are definitely to warm to wear right now.
As I wrote in the previous post about the one bag project, I will update the list of items I pack in the suitcase. As for now, there are 6 items in the bag and I'm not nearly finished. We will see how this goes.
Items in bag
- 1 grey turtleneck sweater
- 1 dark blue turtleneck sweater
- 1 black turtleneck sweater
- 1 grey training jacket
- 1 black and white half-turteneck
- 1 pair of black trousers
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