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The one bag project: Hard drives and other electronics
Today I packed my two hard drives, flash drives, SD card and USB C adapter. These are quite boring things, but no less important. One of the hard drives is a backup and I keep another backup in another location, if something were to happen with the two I've got. I things that the bag is halfway packed, so we will see how this projects goes. Hopefully it won't be a problem fitting everything in this bag. I keep the electronics in a yellow packing bag, which you can see sticking up in the picture below.
How many hard drives and backups do you have?
Items in bag
Clothes (18 items):
- 1 grey turtleneck sweater
- 1 dark blue turtleneck sweater
- 1 black turtleneck sweater
- 1 grey training jacket
- 1 black and white half-turteneck
- 1 pair of black trousers
- 5 pair of underwear
- 5 pair of socks
- 1 bathing suit 
- 1 bikini top
Other items (8 items):
- Hairdryer
- Hair straightener
- 2 large hard drives
- 2 flash drives
- 1 SD card
- 1 adapter for USB C
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