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The one bag project: Hairdryer
The project continues. Since it's summer right now, I don't need my hairdryer as much. You might thing that i minimalist doesn't own a hairdryer, but minimalism is keeping what you need. And I need my hairdryer. My hair maybe doesn't look that thick and isn't long, but oh dear lord the time it takes to dry. I don't understand why! Nevermind the reason, I've chosen to keep my hairdryer and I'm taking it with me during next semester.
This is how I keep the cord from getting tangled. I just flip the hairdryer and put the end through a loop. 
And here it is, in the top of the suitcase. I don't really know exactly how I want to pack my bag, so I might change the places of the items. As you know, I will update the list of items I pack in the suitcase. As for now, there are 7 items in the bag.
Items in bag
Clothes (6 items):
- 1 grey turtleneck sweater
- 1 dark blue turtleneck sweater
- 1 black turtleneck sweater
- 1 grey training jacket
- 1 black and white half-turteneck
- 1 pair of black trousers
Other items (1 item):
- Hairdryer
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