Fröken Minimalist

The one bag project: Hair straightener
A hair straightener might seem like too much for a minimalist, but the fact is that I use mine from time to time. I usually don't use it to straighten my hair (even though it happens), as it works excellent as a hair curler. During the summer I mostly just put my hair up in a bun due to the humidity, so I don't use it as much in the summer.
Items in bag
Clothes (6 items):
- 1 grey turtleneck sweater
- 1 dark blue turtleneck sweater
- 1 black turtleneck sweater
- 1 grey training jacket
- 1 black and white half-turteneck
- 1 pair of black trousers
Other items (2 items):
- Hairdryer
- Hair straightener 
I put the hair straightener in the same place as my hair dryer, because I thought that that would be the best place for it. Have you kept your hairdryer and/or straightener since becoming a minimalist?
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