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First impression: Shampoo 01 from Bruns frisörer
This post contains advertisement in the form of affiliate links for Jordklok. Even though I get paid if someone buys things from the website in the links, I never recommend products I don't like. Read more about it here.
As you know, I bough some products from Jordklok some time ago and this shampoo is one of the things I bought. I usually go to Bruns frisörer in Lund or Malmö to get a haircut, and I just love that they have their own line of organic products. I've tried the shampoo 02 and loved it and wanted to try another shampoo from them. 
The shampoo 01 has a lovely fragrance of coconut and cardamom. On Bruns website it says: 
SHAMPOO Nº 01 – HARMONIOUS COCONUT is a handmade, mild shampoo that spreads a delicious scent of warm, soft cardamom and exotic coconut. It contains organic guar to give your hair volume, and organic jojoba oil to protect your sensitive scalp and combat e.g. dandruff. Suitable for normal to thin hair.
I have dry hair with a sensitive scalp, so this shampoo is supposed to suit me as I understand it. After I tried the shampoo the first time, my hair felt soft with some volume. Not more volume than usual, but the shampoo really made my hair softer. I don't use conditioner most of the time (because most of them make my hair look flat and oily) and that usually makes my hair look frizzy. However, after the first wash I felt that I don't really need conditioner with this shampoo. It doesn't dry out my hair, but rather makes it softer. 
My first impression of this shampoo is that it's an excellent organic and handmade product which works perfect for my dry hair. Of course I will write a full review later on, when I've tried the shampoo for a while. I bought the shampoo here (link)
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