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August 5
I travelled to Stockholm on August 6. The reason for this was that I would be looking at an apartment in Uppsala on August 6. As you can see in the picture, I travelled with only one bag. I would only be gone for two days, so I didn't need much. I will show you in another post what I packed since you usually appreciate that kind of posts.
When I arrived at Stockholm central station I picked up lunch at Sushirullen via the app called Karma. With the app, you can save food which would be wasted otherwise. Of course, you pay a lower price.
I had the vegan sushi roll with asparagus, mango and pickled red onions. My travel company chose other dishes. I liked my food, but my company thought their food was quite mediocre.
During the first day in Stockholm, I naturally visited one of my favourite organic stores in Stockholm; Paradiset City. My absolute favourite organic store in Stockholm is the Paradiset store located on Brännkyrkagatan on Södermalm. This store on Regeringsgatan is closer, however, so I chose to visit this one.
As you can see, Paradiset has a wide range of products. A lot of them can't be found in the regular supermarkets. Some of their products are so beautiful, like the spices you see in the picture above.
Organic chips/crisps of course.
Organic products for cleaning them home and washing your clothes. I love the brand Attitude as you might know by now.
As you can see, they have a lot of vegan products as well. Some are even vegan and organic, which is nice. So if you're looking for vegan products in Stockholm, this is a really good place.
You can buy oil package free in the store.
They also have a wide range of organic body care products and organic makeup.
Before heading home to my mother's place, we stopped at the restaurant Holy Cow and ordered some takeaway. I chose their vegetarian thali, which included palak ponir, shabji kofta and dal makhoni. Of course, I also ordered my favourite naan bread; peshwari naan with coconut, raisins and cashew nuts. Holy Cow has some vegan courses as well, so if you prefer vegan food and would like to have Indian food for dinner this is the place to visit.
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Den 5 augusti åkte jag till Stockholm, eftersom jag dagen efter skulle titta på en lägenhet i Uppsala. Efter att jag anlänt till Stockholm central hämtade jag upp lunch på Sushirullen via appen Karma. Karma är en app där man kan rädda mat som annars hade gått till spillo, och självklart betalar man ett lägre pris för maten. Jag valde deras veganska sushirulle med sparris, mango och picklad rödlök. Jag tyckte att min var god, men mitt sällskap som tog andra rätter var inte lika nöjda tyvärr.
Därefter besökte jag självklart en av mina ekologiska favoritbutiker; Paradiset City som är beläget på Regeringsgatan i Stockholm. De har ett stort urval av ekologiska, eller på annat vis mer hållbara, produkter. De har även en hel del veganska produkter, så är du vegan är detta verkligen en butik för dig.
Efter besöker på Paradiset hämtade vi upp middag på Holy Cow. Jag valde deras vegetariska thali med palak ponirshabji kofta och dal makhoni. Jag beställde självklart även mitt favoritnaan peshwari naan med kokos, russin och cashewnötter. Holy Cow har flera veganska rätter, så det är en utmärkt restaurang att besöka om du är i Stockholm som vegan.
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