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Why I quit Facebook and what I learned
In July 2014 I decided to quit Facebook. I had just finished high school and thought it was the perfect time to quit Facebook, since I wouldn't need it for all the events related to graduation anymore. To understand why I decided to quit Facebook, we have to back up a bit.
I started my first Facebook account in 2008 or 2009, when Facebook was quite new in Sweden at least. The first year or two years, it was a fun way to interact with my friends. However, when I started high school it started to change. Instead of logging on to Facebook and feel excited for the things my friends would have written while I was offline, I felt sad. Facebook had become a place online where I felt pressure to always do things and to always be happy. 
So I quit. I deleted my account and I didn't look back. It felt liberating. It was as if I could breath again. The main reason I quit Facebook was that it made me sad and demotivated. I felt left out somehow, even though I barely knew some of the friends I had on Facebook. It was a weird online world, where people called each other friends even though they had only met once. All the posts were about how perfect their lives where. For example couples I knew had a lot of trouble with infidelity posted how happy they were - when they actually weren't. People having drug or alcohol problems posted how healthy they were - when they actually weren't. Facebook, like other social media, was a fake world to me.
I'm not saying that you have to share every struggle in your life on social media, I know I don't, but since people (me included) often post things when life's great it gives a messed up representation of people's lives. Life isn't perfect, not for anyone. Everyone experience struggles from time to time. 
In November/December 2015 I decided to start using Facebook again, because I needed it for university and NGO:s I was involved in. I told myself that I would do things differently this time. For example, I wouldn't accept every single friend request. I probably have less than 100 friends on Facebook, because I'm picky regarding who I have on Facebook. Before quitting Facebook I had over 500 "friends" on Facebook. I also decided to not spend a lot of time on Facebook. This is prevented since neither me or my friends are especially active there. 
So what did quitting Facebook teach me?
  • Don't be online all the time. You don't miss anything important. 
  • Social media is a false representation of the life people live. 
  • The best thing for me is to only have people I care about as friends on Facebook. People I don't really like shouldn't be on there. 
Have you quit Facebook or are you thinking about quitting?
August 13
Yesterday, I went to Malmö to record an episode of the Sustainable Influencers podcast with Jennie and Tess. They are so lovely and I really wish them great success with their projects. I was quite nervous since it was the first podcast I have ever recorded. We talked a lot about minimalism, sustainability, human rights and they asked a lot of questions. I find it a bit nerve-wracking because I always talk too much when I'm nervous and don't quite remember what I actually said. I hope it went well and I didn't say anything too weird ;)
After recording the podcast we went to Välfärden, near Malmö University and I had a vegan korma. After having lunch I went home to continue packing for my upcoming trip and move. There are a lot of things happening right now and I can wait until September.
// Swedish //
Igår åkte jag till Malmö för att spela in podd med Jennie och Tess från Sustainable Influencers. Jennie och Tess är verkligen toppen och så himla trevliga. Följ gärna deras Instagram/hemsida/Facebook! Jag var ganska nervös innan, eftersom jag aldrig har gästat en podd förut. Har visserligen varit med i radio ett par gånger, men det har varit under enbart några minuter där fokus inte har varit på mig på samma sätt. Det känns lite läskigt i efterhand, eftersom jag ofta pratar för mycket när jag är nervös och jag minns inte riktigt vad jag sa nu i efterhand. Förhoppnings gick det bra och att jag inte sa någonting alltför konstigt ;)
Efter poddandet gick vi till Välfärden och åt lunch. Jag valde en vegansk korma som var helt okey! Därefter tog jag tåget hem för att fortsätta packa inför min kommande resa och därefter flytt. Det händer väldigt mycket för tillfället och jag längtar verkligen till september. 
August 6
I woke up at half past five in the morning to take the commuter train to Uppsala to look at an apartment. If everything goes right, I will have an apartment to stay in for the next semesters while I attend Uppsala University. I returned to Stockholm about ten a clock. My mother and I decided to return to Skåne the same day, so in the afternoon we had an early dinner at Paradiset on Brännkyrkagatan before heading to the train station.
Here you have my favourite organic supermarket in Stockholm; Paradiset on Brännkyrkagatan.
On the wall it says: Think organic:
  • Don't go shopping while hungry
  • Buy local produce and organic
  • Cook your meals from scratch
  • Buy vegetables which are in season
  • Eat less meat and more greens
  • Smell and taste the food before throwing it out
We had an early dinner at Smak Kultur, which is located on the second floor. I had the vegetarian burger called the Mauler with beans and lentils and my mother had the Swedish Pippi-Wrap with Swedish chicken. They try to make their food out of organic and locally produced goods.
The vegetarian burger was good, but not great. Something was a bit off, but unfortunately, I can't really say what. After having dinner we went to the train station and took the train to Skåne. It was such a wonderful feeling coming home after two hectic days. 
// Swedish //
Den 6 augusti åkte jag till Uppsala tidigt på morgonen för att titta på en lägenhet. Förhoppningsvis har jag lägenhet de kommande terminerna medan jag läser vid Uppsala universitet.
Jag kom tillbaka till Stockholm redan på förmiddagen. Jag och min mamma bestämde oss för att åka tillbaka till Skåne samma dag och passade på att äta en tidig middag på Paradiset på Söder. Det är min favorit av de butikerna som de har. Lunchen blev på Smak Kultur, som ligger på andra våningen. Jag tog en vegetarisk hamburgare och mamma tog en kycklingwrap. Burgaren var god, men inte fantastisk tyvärr. 
Vi kom hem relativt sent, men det var så himla skönt efter två hektiska dagar.